About Plasterglass

Started in 1986, when Plasterglass was still very “foreign” to Philippine architects and contractors, it has since become a by-word in most, if not every, construction site.

Plasterglass Mfg. was granted its Trademark on April 30, 1991 Serial No. 69122 and Registration No. 50360. Patent was issued February 24, 1992 with Patent No. 7337. It is described as multi-purpose board which can assume any shape and design and can be used for the interiors as plain and patterned ceilings, domes, cornices, wall partitions, niches and fanciful arches and columns. It is composed of fiberglass strands disposed in-between layers and being held thereto by an upper and lower layer of pure gypsum plaster.

Special Properties of Plasterglass

Plasterglass is fire-resistant and smokeless. Proper installation of our products will give your ceiling a smooth and uninterrupted finish, depending largely on the quality of your ceiling joist. Flat ceiling boards can be attached to wooden/timber or metal joist. It is sound absorbent, termite proof and it does not warp. It is easy to retouch. You can make a temporary manhole, cover it, plaster the joints and retouch.

Plasterglass products can be bent to form curves or can be molded (depending on the owner’s specifications). Special designs can be fabricated provided a detailed shop drawing is submitted.

All Plasterglass products are to be installed in the interiors only. They are not suitable for the exteriors. They are installed for decorative purpose only and thus, cannot be loaded.

Physical test of our product was done by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of the Philippines on March 27, 1990.

Product Specification

Plasterglass Sheets: 6mm x 4′ x 6′ and 9mm x 4′ x 6′
T-Runner Boards: 6mm x 2′ x 4′ plain and patterned
Cornices: Standard 8′
Columns: Depending on your specifications
Dome: Standard 3′, 4′ and 6′ plain
Center Panels: Variable sizes
L-Cuts: Size will depend on the size of the beans
c-Curves: Radius will depend on the desired curvature; can be used for cove portions